An all-in-one solution for all devices

Our charging stations are compatible with Apple iPhone/iPad, Android, Samsung, LG, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Kindle and literally hundreds more!


More key features

We offer so much more than a full battery


Whether a device is plugged in for 15 minutes or for 2 hours, our charging stations will make a noticeable difference to your battery power!

"1, 2, 3 Access"

Yours guests simply set a 4-digit password, plug in the device they'd like to charge and lock the door. It's that easy!


The secure lockers are perfect for high traffic areas to prevent device theft. Your guests can select their own 4-digit code for additional peace-of-mind.


The secure lockers are designed to fit everything from the smallest phone to the largest tablets allowing guests to connect cables quickly and easily.

Rich Media Ads

Stream video commercials or images. Show off your specials, and more! It's fast and simple to add, update or remove your unique multimedia.

Full Customization

Promote your company name and logo, choose from our quality finishes or request custom designs. The possibilities are endless!

Multiple solutions for your venue. The designs that work!

The majority of our clients offer these stations for free to their customers. Why? Guests are happier, they feel secure and this always increases customer satisfaction. It is reported that when charging stations are available, guests will stay longer, purchase more food, drinks and/or products and business notice an increase in revenue. Additionally, statistics show that establishments with charging stations report higher repeat customers and a greater number of positive reviews on social media. Adding a charging station to your business may be the best investment you make this year!

6-Bay Secure Locker - Classic

Our original, and most popular, model has a base of only 22" x 14" (less than 2.2 sq/ft of floorspace!) and features 6 large, secured locker bays. The digital display screen is a crisp, 19" LCD.

6-Bay Secure Locker - Dual Media

This sleek charging station is the newest addition to our roster. It's triangular base makes it fit easily into corners while still offering 6 secured locker bays and a 19" LCD DIsplay screen.


24-Bay Secure Locker

Make an impression with the largest charging station we offer. This unit is best-suited for large, high traffic venues or corporate offices. It features 24 secure lockers bays, a 19" LCD display and a lot of room for impressive skin graphics


Opportunity for additional income

Updating the digital screen is simple and easily managed. Many clients choose to sell advertising space on their screens to complimentary businesses in order to subsidize or balance the cost of the charging unit. Many take it a step further and leverage the ad displays to profit while simultaneously increasing their own customer satisfaction.

We will happily provide you with the metrics that clearly outline how many people have accessed your stations and how many hours devices have been in the secure lockers to help you clearly present the ROI to potential advertisers.

CMS Media Control

Our CMS (Content Management System) is cloud-based and designed with you in mind. Managing the display media is simple, fast and can be done from any computer in the world so that you can optimize your display at any given moment. Training is done on-site, on your station and phone support is available to answer any questions you may have.

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